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Scheldebouw stands as a global leader in the curtain wall industry

Something about us
We were founded in 1933 as manufacturer of aluminum parts and furniture for shipping and lightweight aircraft for the general aviation sector. In the 1958 Scheldebouw started its operations in the curtain wall market and grew to become a premium brand in façade construction in the markets of BeNeLux, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Central/East Europe, offering bespoke and standard façade/roof solutions for high-level architectural and large scale projects. In 1995, Scheldebouw became a member of the Permasteelisa Group, the global leader in curtain wall and in advanced façade technologies. Today around 500 employees work in our offices in the Netherlands. In addition to exterior facades, Scheldebouw also develops solutions for interiors fit-out in association with the Interiors Business Unit of the Permasteelisa Group.

Scheldebouw is dedicated to delivering iconic, skyline-changing buildings and developing the best possible solution to each unique architectural challenge. It is our goal to find the perfect balance among architecture, performance, cost and programme for our clients.

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Main Projects
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Key projects

Production facilities

Our production facilities are equipped with advanced production equipment.

Covering 27,500 sqm (296,000 sq ft), the Middelburg facility is organized around five lines, with a state-of-the-art CNC machining department and dedicated visual mockup area. These five lines are a combination of automated and manual assembly and are set up on a project basis. One of the production lines maintains ‘clean-room’ standards and is equipped with special glass washers and inspection facilities to ensure the highest quality. The Middelburg production site also houses our in-house, fully certified performance testing facilities. In Heerlen, the production site is 35,000 sqm (376,700 sq ft) and is organized around four production and assembly lines. These four lines are a combination of automated and manual lines and are set up on a project basis. The Heerlen facility specializes on assembly of large components like balconies and is used to set up project-specific production for materials such as GRP. As in Middelburg, the Heerlen production site has its own CNC machining department to feed the assembly lines.

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The set of processes that unites us

As a member of the Permasteelisa Group, our holistic approach is collaborative and time efficient, enabling the delivery of projects without compromising specification or quality.

The set of values that unites us

The shared set of 5 values that unites us!