De Rotterdam Project Canvas
Ph.: Image courtesy of OMA; photography by Ossip van Duivenbode

De Rotterdam

Rotterdam | Netherlands
Business Area
Ph.: Permasteelisa Group
The Concept

The De Rotterdam is a multifunctional project along the banks of ‘De Maas’ River in Rotterdam’s Wilhelminapier district. With a surface of around 162,000 sqm (over 1.7 million sq ft), this building signed by OMA has been conceived as a ‘Vertical City': accommodating offices, apartments, a 4-stars hotel, conference facilities, shops, restaurants and cafes. 
Starting from the 6th floor, 3 towers rise to a maximum height of 151.3 m (496 ft), making De Rotterdam the largest building in the Netherlands. OMA's architectural concept produces more than sheer size: urban density and diversity - both in the program and the form - are the guiding principles of the project. The building's stacked towers are arranged in a subtly irregular cluster that refuses to resolve into a singular form and produces intriguing new views from different perspectives. Similarly, the definition of the building changes according to its multiple uses internally.


151 m / 495 ft

45 stories tall

The project can boast a series of highly efficient environmental features such as energy-saving lighting controls, reduced-consumption water systems, maximum use of natural light, sustainable energy production and earth surface saving. These elements let De Rotterdam achieve ‘GreenCalc A’ certification, the highest level of sustainability in the Netherlands.

The Project
Scope of Work

Over 45,000 sqm (484,000 sq ft) of curtain wall.

Ph.: Permasteelisa Group

Partial north elevation.

Ph.: Permasteelisa Group

Façade spandrel area and vision area typical horizontal sections.

The curtain wall employs several different solutions - all with high performance coating - including a fire resistant façade for the side facing the river where tanker passage could constitute a fire hazard. The nearly 50,000 sqm (538,200 sq ft) of the exterior envelope are made up of 5 different types of elements whose measurements slightly differ for the hotel and office tower; in particular, for the coverage of the Offices a unitized curtain wall of 1800x3400 mm with outward opening windows, for the Hotel a façade module of 1800x3000 mm with a spandrel at floor edge and for ‘slot’ between the towers a 1800x3400mm with continuous glass pane without fins. Furthermore, the podium features a glassy curtain wall of 1800x3500/4000 mm. The fifth and sixth levels are extra high with 5-6 m (16.4-19.7 ft) height. Here the profiles are more muscular with front view measuring 250 mm and total depth of nearly 300 mm. The elements have intermediate mullions with front view matching that of the outer element mullions. The metal has a natural anodized surface treatment.

The towers have 800 ventilation wings integrated into the mullions.

Ph.: Permasteelisa Group

Levels 26-24-26 building footprint.

Ph.: Permasteelisa Group

Façade typical vertical section.

Technical Details
Ph.: Ossip van Duivenbode
Ph.: Ossip van Duivenbode
De Rotterdam facade close-up
Ph.: Image courtesy of OMA; photography by Ossip van Duivenbode
De Rotterdam inner view
Ph.: Image courtesy of OMA; photography by Ossip van Duivenbode

DEVELOPER: De Rotterdam CV, MAB Development / OVG, a Joint Venture



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