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Continuously striving for a better built environment

Our Approach

One of the major challenges the world is facing at this moment concerns sustainability. How will we be able to fulfil the needs of all people on the earth, without impairing future generations to fulfil theirs?


The built environment plays a very important role, because it is responsible for a big portion of the world’s energy consumption and material use. Energy efficiency and material awareness in the built environment can make significant contributions to a sustainable development.

There is a rising consciousness that the only way forward is a circular economy, in which we let go of the old “take-make-dispose” thinking of the linear economy. The way we at Scheldebouw, as a member of the Permasteelisa Group, design, engineer, manufacture and install our façade takes up this challenge with commitment reflecting in our projects and services the holistic approach that is at the basis of our organization.


In every project the façade has its unique design, completely tailored to fit the architect’s intent and meet all the project specific technical and performance requirements. Our ability to assist leading architects from the very early stages all the way to successful completion allow us to deliver high-performance envelopes and to be the ideal partner to develop innovative solutions.


During the early design phases, we use several engineering tools to assess the performance of design alternatives. By comparing the energy efficiency of different façade concepts and of its integrated elements during a complete year, we can understand the dynamic response of the façade and thus offer a broader view to the stakeholders of the project.


This approach leads to the high quality façades of the world's most iconic projects that become the monuments of the future.

Sustainable Systems

A comprehensive view which is not only focused on static parameters. Before starting the production, our design is thoroughly tested with full-scale visual - to assess aesthetics and fit - and performance mockups - to test the performance criteria, such as air and water tightness as well as acoustics. In this way, together with our rigorous QA/QC protocols, we constantly improve the quality of our work and reduce the possible risks of a project as much as possible, resulting in a longer life span. We carefully select high-quality materials and optimize their use. Our façade panels are completely assembled in our factory, limiting on-site work thus reducing waste. Our solutions are adopted to facilitate the construction process and the logistics of installation.

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Our certifications

We have integrated a holistic approach through management systems bringing together quality, environment, health and safety issues for continual improvement.

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Our network of specialists gives you the flexibility to reply to individual project requirements with unique solutions as well as to benefit from the global technologies as a member of the Permasteelisa Group.

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The set of processes that unites us

As a member of the Permasteelisa Group, our holistic approach is collaborative and time efficient, enabling the delivery of projects without compromising specification or quality.