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Rondo 1

Warsaw | Poland
Business Area
The Concept

A 159 meter (522 ft) high, 40-story office tower in the center of Warsaw, with 40,000 sqm (430,500 sq ft) of curtain walling for Building B and 8,000 sqm (86,100 sq ft) for Building A.
Building B: the south, the east and the curved north façades have insulated glazing with HP coating and with stainless steel sheet work on the aluminum framing in front of the height of the floors. Below this stainless steel panel there is an insulated shadowbox. The mullions have stainless steel noses and powder coated glass beads. All horizontal glass beads are over clad with stainless steel sheet with linen finish. The panels are story-high but vary in width between 1,500 mm and 3,420 mm. The west core, of which the external west elevation is fully glazed, houses 18 lifts. Sky bridges span the atria between the fully glazed lift lobbies and internal office walls. The concrete walls of the west cores are externally clad with stainless sheets with linen finish. All internal atrium office walls were part of the package, finish and looks like the external cladding. On the technical floors (Level 5, 5A, 38,39 and 40) there are louvers instead of glass with special shaped perforated stainless steel features.
Building A: 8-story high parking garage with alucobond cladding and stepped bolted laminated diffused glass. The external cladding of the shops at ground floor is a stick system.

The Project
Scope of Work

40,000 sqm (430,600 sq ft) of curtain walling for Building B; 8,000 sqm (86,100 sq ft) for Building A.

Technical Details


CONTRACTOR: Hochtief Development

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